How Long Will It Take To Make an Effective MOOC?
In ten years, and perhaps sooner, the landscape of American higher education will have been transformed by new MOOC learning systems. But, before that can be realized, the vendors of MOOCs have to learn some basic lessons about distance learning.
Jun 17, 2015

State Accreditation and the Danger of Federal Control, Part One
The interest in reforming American higher education is high and some have proposed that the states become accrediting agencies. In this two part series, I argue that the moment a state government engages in accreditation of courses that are Title IV eligible, the state comes under the authority of the federal government, and the accredited courses, certificates and programs must comply with all Title IV regulations. Apr 22, 2014

State Accreditation and the Danger of Federal Control, Part Two
The federal government now controls the agencies that accredit colleges and universities and can impose very intrusive regulations because federal money fuels our system of higher education. The unintended consequence of linking state "accreditation" to Title IV funds conveys to the federal government complete control of the states who choose to become agencies for accreditation. Apr 22, 2014

The $64 Dollar Question
In ten to twelve years, a typical MOOC-delivered college degree will cost less than $999. That is the promise of MOOCs but, how will this actually come about? And if by 2025 most colleges will no longer be able to fill classroom courses in Freshmen and Sophomore programs, how many traditional colleges today will survive that transition? That is the $64 dollar question. Dec 14, 2013

Best Practices for a Successful MOOC Revolution
It is only a matter of time before corporations and privately held businesses work with MOOC vendors to create courses that demonstrate the skills necessary for successful employment. At that point, all those parents who want their children to go to college and get a good job will encourage them to enroll in MOOC programs that guarantee good jobs. And what will happen to all those third and fourth tier colleges and universities? I think the correct term is "suicide." Dec 13, 2013

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