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Which 'Constituents' are the School Boards Listening To?

Nov 3, 2009

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Mike Rosen, of the Denver Post writes:

It's not true that elected school boards are unresponsive to their constituents. The problem is that students and parents are not their most influential constituents. The teacher unions are.

The politics of public education is largely a closed loop. In urban and suburban school districts where teacher unions wield power, the unions anoint, support and often recruit candidates for school boards that serve their interests. Once elected, union-backed school boards return the favor. Low voter participation in these elections and the absence of any countervailing force to balance the money and organization of the unions gives them inordinate power.


Your public school is not fine. Even the best of them are not nearly good enough. This can be objectively measured in the rapidly declining ability of American students compared to their international counterparts. We're falling perilously behind in math and science. Locally, it's reflected in the unacceptably low percentage of Colorado students with CSAP scores in the "proficient and above" category, not only in math and science but in reading and writing, as well.

Parents who move their kids out of public schools are shocked to find how much higher the standards and levels of academic rigor are in private schools. Parents who home-school their children quickly discover how much more kids can learn...Continue reading Rosen: Douglas County school reform >>


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